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Waitress Interview Questions and Expected Answers

Added on: 16th May, 2018 by Ann_44062

Waitress Interview Questions and Expected Answers

Last Updated:
Wed, 16 May 2018

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Working as a waiter or waitress is more difficult than it looks like from the other side of a table. The same is with getting a job as a waiter or waitress. If you have had experience of being interviewed for a position of a waitress, then for sure you all about it. But for those who are just about to try themselves in the restaurant business, we have prepared some questions that will be on the interview and answers you can use.

Before preparing for an interview, make sure that you have a good CV that will make recruiter call you and set an appointment. You can do it yourself, armed with the Internet or to use one of the websites to get waitress CV. And all you will have to do is just to wait for a call and look through questions they ask on waitress interviews. These questions are asked by employers in interviews most often:

1.Questions about personal qualities

Questions about personal qualities are asked in interviews for almost any position, but it does not mean that the answers also should be all the same. So in the case of the work of the waiter, you need to show how your personal qualities will be helpful in the work. For example, on the question of your positive qualities, you can name your experience, accuracy, pedantry, etc. You can also give examples how these qualities helped you in the past in the previous workplace.

The answer to the question of disadvantages can be put similarly. For example, you can say that your weakness is that you always do your best to please all customers and it makes you stressed sometimes.

2. Question about experience

It's no secret that everyone wants to see in their staff already trained and experienced employees. Therefore, if you have the experience in the restaurant business, do not hesitate to mention this in your resume and in an interview. It's important to tell not only about the places and how long you worked there, but also what you learned in this or that workplace. Specific stories from the experience are welcomed.

In case your experience as a waiter is not long enough, or before you worked in a different field, you should focus on what you learned from this experience and how it will help you in the job as a waiter. For example, if you worked with people (vendor, customer support service, etc.), you can say that in this job you have significantly developed communication skills, learned how to work with angry clients and really loved to be helpful.

3. Questions about skills

The question about your skills is one of the most important in an interview. You should tell about all that you can do connected to waitress work, for example, serving big parties, bartending, or working with a coffee machine. You never know what exactly will entrap the employer so donít forget anything. Also do not be surprised if they will immediately ask you to show your skills. For example, to serve a table, carry a thousand plates at a time or present a wine list.

4. Questions about the working process

It is very important to discuss working moments in the interview and the recruiter will ask you related questions. For example, are you ready for extra hours, can you come in your offs, if the restaurant is full, how do you see the ideal working atmosphere in the team and so on. Answer as it is if you are ready for long or night shifts and additional hours, good. But if it is not so, then you should tell about it right away. The employer simply needs to know, what to expect from you and if everything will suit you and them, they will call you back.

The question of the ideal atmosphere in the team is also very important because the relationship in the team influences the general aura of the restaurant and the work of all employees. On this question, you can answer that in the team is important a respect, mutual assistance and focus on one result. Such an answer will completely satisfy your prospective employer.

These are the most common and important question on the waitress interviews. Be honest and friendly, dress modestly and simple and make sure you have a couple of copies of your CV. Now you know everything you need to pass your interview well and get a job.

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